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The death of a loved one can bring families together, but it can also expose long-standing disagreements, resentments and grievances. In cases of blended families and second marriages, the dynamics can be even more complicated.

No one wants to spend money, time and emotional energy fighting in court over inheritances and unclear estate document provisions. But if estate or probate litigation becomes necessary, it is important to resolve disputes as quickly and amicably as possible in order to avoid draining the estate of the very assets at issue. This is why working with an experienced estate litigation attorney is so important.

When you hire Davidson Law Office, you’ll have a lawyer with nearly 30 years of estate law knowledge and experience. I guide clients through all aspects of estate planning and probate as well as any litigated disputes related to estate law.

I can vigorously represent your interests in litigation related to:

  • Objecting to the allowance of a will (and other will contests)
  • Objecting to the appointment of a personal representative
  • Objecting to first and final accounting
  • Breach of fiduciary duty (by a trustee or representative)
  • Enforcing the terms of a trust
  • Demanding trustee accounts
  • Removing trustees
  • Any other dispute in the realm of estate law

In any litigated matter, my goal is to resolve disputes quickly in order to minimize financial distress for clients and keep costs reasonable. I strive to be a reasonable and sensible voice at a time when, due to grief, it is difficult for most people to make rational decisions.

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