Are you worried about your aging parents? Is one of them doing better than the other, and you think it’s possible one might have dementia? Learning about the many symptoms of dementia can help you can spot it early and get your parent the proper treatment.

The term dementia is descriptive of the deterioration of cognitive abilities. Dementia happens when the brain’s nerve cells quit working. It usually but not exclusively affects seniors. This condition quickens the natural decline in brain functioning connected to aging.

There are many warning signs of dementia. It’s good to be aware of possible indicators so you can take care of your parent accordingly.

Changes to memory

One of the most common symptoms of dementia you could observe is memory loss. This includes the loss of recent information they might have picked up at an event or a movie.

Becoming more forgetful happens naturally as your parent gets older. However, people without dementia will probably eventually remember what they briefly forgot.

If your parent is developing dementia they will begin to rely more heavily on you and others to help them remember daily functions.

Issues with speaking

Struggling to have a conversation can signal dementia. Dementia would hurt your parent’s ability to communicate. If your parent is developing dementia their grammar will also worsen.

Mood changes

You’ve known your parent your whole life. You’re used to dealing with them in a certain disposition, but recently things haven’t been the same. If you’re parent’s mood starts changing suddenly, this could indicate dementia.

Depression is another common warning sign of dementia. Your parent’s ability to judge a situation in a clear way changes. This can cause reactions in your parent that are out of the ordinary.

You are grateful to your parent and want the best life possible for them. By monitoring them for hints of dementia as they get older, you can help them to stay present and healthy.